Dumpster Rental FAQ

What are the best uses for roll-off dumpsters in Toronto?

The primary reasons why roll off dumpsters are used are for construction and large scale cleaning projects. You need them to clean your attics, basements, garages, large spring cleaning projects and to remove waste and debris from your yards, as your will be producing a lot of junk that needs to be removed. You also need to clean your rooms before selling your house, remove waste from kitchens and bath remodeling projects, replacing siding or windows and then removing the resultant waste, and to prevent waste from large scale commercial constructions.

What are the common dumpster sizes and which size should I rent?

our dumpster sizes

Dumpsters are usually measured by the amount of cubic yards that a container will hold. For instance, a ten yard dumpster typically holds ten yards of waste materials. Dumpster Containers usually come in sizes of ten yards, twenty yards and thirty yards.

If you cannot figure out the amount of waste that you will be generating and thus are confused about the dumpster size you need, then you can simply give us a call at 647-957-9753 and we will estimate the right size of dumpster for you, based on our prior experience.

What things impact how much it will cost to rent a dumpster?

The two factors that influence the cost of hiring a dumpster in Ontario are the location and the amount of trash that you need to get rid of. Your location significantly impacts the cost of renting a dumpster as different landfills and city municipalities have different fees and taxes which are associated with the disposal of the contents of a roll off dumpster. In fact, this difference can vary from 300 to 400%, based on which city you are located in.

The amount of waste that you will be removing, in the form of debris will also impact the cost in a big way. If the amount of waste material is more and if it is heavy, then depending upon the amount of such trash, you will be charged accordingly.

How do I compare different price quotes for dumpsters?

Most dumpster rental companies in Toronto charge a flat fee for specific sized dumpster, the exact number of days, and depending upon the amount of weight. For instance you will receive a bid of about four hundred dollars for a dumpster of thirty yards which will be used for seven days, and which does not exceed three tons.

But some dumpster rental companies may charge additional fees for delivery, depending upon landfill costs, the cost of fuel, transportation charges, and so on. So please make sure that you are quoted a flat rate when you are looking to rent a dumpster. Once you do that, comparison of prices will become very easy.

Additionally in case you exceed the stated weight limits, then you have to incur additional fees. Each dumpster is typically weighed at the landfill or the transfer station and then the dumpster service usually pays a fee to dispose of the waste. If the dumpster exceeds the tonnage amount, then you will be charged an additional weight fee that will typically range from thirty dollars to hundred dollars per ton of overage, depending on the local landfill fees and taxes.

What are the best steps to take if I need to rent a dumpster in Toronto?

The process of hiring a dumpster should be easy and straight forward. When you are dealing with a dumpster rental company that is committed to providing a straight forward pricing and great customer service like us, then you should follow a few simple steps. Here are three steps that you can follow so as to simplify the process as much as possible:

Firstly, try to contact one or more dumpster rental companies so as to get a comparative picture of prices and available dumpster sizes. Make sure that you confirm that the quoted rate is inclusive of the dumpster size, the time period and the weight limit, and you do not have to pay additional rates.

Then, schedule an appropriate time for delivery date and provide details about the location where you would want to place the dumpster.

Lastly, after loading the dumpster, give a call to the dumpster rental company and inform them that you are ready for pick up. They will pick it up within 24 hours and then take it to the transfer station within a stipulated period of time.