Affordable Toronto Roll-off Dumptser Rentals

Dealing with your household or commercial waste is not always a simple task, especially when your junk and waste materials come on a large scale. This is where we can help you here at Toronto Dumpster Rentals Corp.

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We can assist people like you conveniently remove their waste materials from their home or commercial locations. You throw all of it in the rolloff dumpster container we provide, we haul it away for you, and it is gone for good. That’s it! Are you ready to get your junk permanently removed?

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We pride ourselves for providing personal quality junk collection services which lets us develop a strong and long-term relationship with our customers. If you have any question about our company, call our hotline and talk to our courteous, professional and prompt customer care personnel.

Here at Toronto Dumpster Rentals Corp, we are committed to the preservation of our planet. It is one of our missions as a waste management and recycling provider to help reduce the quantity of waste output and to direct that waste where it belongs. We only have one planet. Let us put all our efforts for a cleaner, safer and healthier environment for the generations to come.

Waste disposal does not have to be as taxing and stressful as it sometimes seems to be. With our extensive experience of over two decades in managing customer waste materials, we can handle any type of litter you need removed asap! Call us today and allow us to learn about your waste disposal needs and fulfil them.

Our friendly staff and crew are experienced in providing the best disposal solutions to all our clients in Ontario. Since we can tailor our dumpsters to our customers’ needs however big or small they are, we are very eager to hear from you.

You can reach us at 647-957-9753 now and we will handle your junk removal job, whether it is a small or large project.

Why choose us for your junk disposal needs?

our truck

We are a leading waste management company operating from Toronto, ON. It is our vision to help us all get a cleaner and healthier environment. In addition we highly value the safety of our customers and their assets. We are a fully insured company and we are proud to offer more than just the basic roll-off dumpster rental needs. On top of offering flexible dumpster sizes, our scheduling is a breeze. We provide same-day delivery services and we also operate even on the weekends.

  • Once every detail is finalized with you, we will have a specialist assigned to your project who will be your single point of contact. This means you will not be talking to multiple persons whenever you want your dumpster delivered or hauled.
  • Our drivers will deliver the dumpster unit at your location at the right time.
  • If you wish to change your delivery schedule or if there are changes that require some action from us, simply call your point of contact and he/she will assist you.

Whether it be a large-scale commercial development or a small construction project, we are the specialist you need when it comes to renting the best roll-off dumpster containers in Ontario. We can advise you on the proper dumpster type, size and placement to ensure that the unit help your job site stay safer, cleaner and more efficient.

Here are three more reasons to use our dumpster rental services.

  • We Operate Locally –Toronto Dumpster Rentals Corp is a local company proudly servicing Toronto and the nearby locations throughout the state of Ontario.
  • We Provide Reliable Services – Whether you need a one-day dumpster rental, or you require a unit that you can use for the entire year, you can count on our company to provide this service to you. We promise to uphold our reputation for flexibility, reliability and unprecedented care for our customers.
  • Our Dumpster Are Built To Last – Our dumpsters are made out of high-grade industrial steel, and you can choose your dumpster size from our variety of selections to accommodate your commercial or residential needs.

We have been working hard in the waste management business for decades and we take pride in each and every cleaning project we take on. Our company has the manpower, equipment, inventory and the experience to provide you with the best waste management and trash removal services there is in Toronto.

Here are some of the things that you can use our dumpsters for:

  • Home junk and old items
  • Household cleanout
  • Construction waste materials
  • Roof shingles
  • Garden or landscaping vegetal waste
  • Demolition projects

If you have any other types of waste that need handling away, please talk to your point of contact in our office as there are specific dumpsters for different kinds of wastes. Hazardous wastes are also subject to approval.

As soon as we deliver the recyclable trash to the recycling plant, and the rest of the trash to the landfill, we will immediately replace your rental with a clean dumpster unit.

Are you a Toronto Homeowner?

Hoarding got the better of you? Renovating your house? Doing a major clean-out? You can get rid of your junk fast by hiring our waste management services. It does not matter how much waste materials you want to get rid of, we can take care of it for you.

Are you a Toronto roofing contractor?

We have worked with many local roofers and are well known in the ON community. We can ensure that your client’s driveway will be protected, in and out. We deliver and remove the dumpster fast and we also do VIP cleanup.

Are you a Toronto Contractor?

Do not let unprofessional waste management services stand in the way of a job well done. Hire us and we will make sure that we can make your cleanup project easier. We have worked with hundreds of contractors and know how to operate with you efficiently.

Are you throwing out hazardous waste?

We are licensed to handle hazardous materials. Please call us for this specific service and we will be very happy to assist you in this regard.

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Dumpster Sizes

our dumpster sizes

10-yard rolloff dumpster containers

These dumpsters are approximately 6ft wide x 12 ft Long x 3 ft high.

That 10 yard dumpster is a perfect choice when you have limited waste to discard from your property or business. The 10-yard dumpster is transported by a smaller truck. Its footprint is lighter than most dumpsters available. This is recommended for garage cleanout and attic projects, a small landscapping job, dirt, compost or scrap disposal.

20-yard rolloff dumpster containers

These are approximately 8 ft wide x 24 ft Long x 5 ft high.

A 20-yard roll off dumpster rental best fits special projects where space is rather tight. 20-yard dumpsters are frequently used by household owners and contractors in Ontario who are currently working on a small to medium scale renovation or various house repairs, junk removal, landscaping jobs, kitchen remodel or renovation, backyard cleanout and roofing work.

30-yard rolloff dumpster containers

These dumpsters are approximately 8 ft wide x 24 ft Long x 6 ft high.

This dumpster size is best when you are dealing with a more sizable project, but it’s not possible for you to get a dumpster that consumes too much space at your project site either. If you are working in Toronto on a real large-scale remodeling or renovation project, furniture, carpet or cabinet disposal, then this size of dumpster rental will get the job done perfectly.

At times, just a little more room is what you need to complete your project. Renting a 30 yard dumpster is a wise choice for you, and it will guarantee that you have a dumpster with sufficient room for a backyard remodeling or a home cleanup project.

40-yard rolloff dumpster containers

These are approximately 8 ft wide x 22 ft Long x 8 ft high.

If you are working on a big job in ON and you believe that you should have a maximum amount of waste removal space required, this 40 yard dumpster rental is the best size to pick. This roll-off dumpster size is able to handle a full house cleanout or it can dispose of the debris accumulated from an extensive remodeling project. It can even carry trees or the construction debris from a bathroom remodeling project.

If you are interested in hiring us, pre-set service dates can be scheduled in advance. However we understand that not all waste-related problems can be scheduled early on. Note that we also provide same day delivery for rolloff dumpster rentals. In case all units are booked, we guarantee one to two business days of delivery at most.

We are a company dedicated to providing the most comprehensive recycling and waste management services available in Ontario. Exceeding our customers’ highest expectations has always been our main goal as a junk removal and recycling company. We have the industry knowledge and experience to build the best client-customer relationship possible. Furthermore we always provide the highest level of service at the most competitive price you will ever find in Toronto.

So if you need scheduling a few bins or a rolloff dumpster rental near me to dispose of your refuse, call 647-957-9753 now and all your questions will be answered promptly. It does not matter if it is restaurant litter, metal items, backyard debris even trees, furniture, cabinets or carpet items, bricks, electronics, domestic appliances, roofing waste, compost or scrap, we will take it all for you.

Are you looking to rent a dumpster in the Toronto region?

We are a company that offers different size containers for all kinds of waste disposal projects, from home renovations to industrial demolitions. Our service is reliable and the prices are flexible according to your needs. Is this your first time renting a dumpster? Don’t worry!

Our excellent customer service will help you decide what dumpster size is right for your project. Just call 647-957-9753 to speak to one of our representatives. In addition to that, you may find additional info on this website about how to order, what sizes are available and what you can and can’t dump in our dumpsters.
Toronto bin rental

Why pick us?

Great customer support

Any questions you have, we will answer them. Those who are renting a dumpster for the first time might have some questions about the process, the best size they should rent and other details. Call us right now and we will be glad to assist you (this includes giving you a free price quote).

Service you can depend on

Our dumpster deliveries and pick-ups are always on time. You won’t ever have to wait for us to deliver your dumpster. This also differentiates us from other dumpster companies in Ontario. We are dedicated to offering the best service around and we won’t make any compromises to get there.

Clear and competitive prices

Not all dumpster rental companies list their prices in a clear and direct manner. Some prefer to keep quiet about certain costs in order to trick you into ordering their “lower priced” service. We don’t do that. When you order with us, you will know everything the quoted price includes, as well as any other fees and surcharges that may apply in certain situations. A clarified prospect is much more likely to make a decision than a confused one and that’s exactly what we hope to achieve.

Please call us if you have any more questions about services or company.

First time renting a dumpster? Read on…
If you live in Toronto and you need to rent a container to dump the debris left over after a remodeling or renovation project, this guide will tell you all you need to know.

Renting a dumpster isn’t hard. All you need to know is a number of key points and you’ll be on your way to making an informed decision. This will also save you time on the phone and possibly even some money (if you know, for example, that your debris is going to fit in a smaller size container).

Like any project, you want to gather information first.

Let’s call this the research phase. Each dumpster rental company will ask you a series of questions to determine what kind of container they should ship to you. These are:

  • What kind of waste do you need to dispose of?
  • How much waste do you have?
  • When do you want the dumpster delivered and picked-up?

The first question is important because you want to make sure that the materials you’re dumping can be safely disposed, according to local and federal regulations. The next part is that the company wants to find out if you’re disposing of heavy duty materials like concrete, bricks, roofing shingles and so on. You will need a bigger container for these types of materials as they weigh more. Dumpster rental companies have weight limits on their containers so it’s important to clarify this point from the start.

The second question is self-explanatory. If you’re unsure, you can always give the dumpster company an estimate. Remember that it’s better to rent a dumpster that is larger and have some room left than to rent one that is too small to fit all your debris and thus being forced to to rent a second one.

Scheduling the delivery and pick-up date should be the easiest step. It’s good to call at least a week in advance to make sure that you get the container size you need. Ascertain what stage of the project you’re in. Did you finish renovating or do you still have a couple of days left before you’re done? This should help you set a delivery date. The most common rental term is one week. If you find out that you’ve already rented the dumpster and you need more time, you can extend this period for a small fee.

The second phase of renting a dumpster is to call the dumpster company and, using the information you just gathered, tell them about your project.

Any questions that you have, ask them here.

It’s also a good time to ask for a price quote and inquire about all the costs that are and aren’t included in it. Ask about penalties and any other fees that you may incur. Once you’re satisfied with the answers, just tell them your address and preferred delivery date.

The last phase is to prepare the grounds where the dumpster will be delivered. You want to remove any obstacles that would obstruct the passage of the dumpster truck. This will ensure that the dumpster is delivered safely and without any damage to your property.

When the dumpster gets there

Once you’ve placed your order and scheduled a delivery date, you will have to prepare for the container’s delivery. If this is your property, you don’t want the canister placed on any soft ground or grassy areas as the weight of the dumpster can easily damage the ground. The same goes for driveways and any cemented areas. In this case it’s a good idea to place some plywood boards to protect the surface below.

Generally, you shouldn’t load the container above 70% of its capacity as the dumpster company may refuse to pick it up if it’s too heavy. This is done for two reasons: road safety and dumpster weight limitations.

Aside from this, there is nothing else to say about dumpster rental. It’s a pretty straightforward process. Gather info, place the order, wait for the dumpster to be delivered, load it up and the wait for the dumpster truck to take it away. Simple, right?

Please call us at 647-957-9753 to place your order.

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  • ? Most Affordable Dumpster Rates in Toronto
  • ? No Hidden Costs, Transparent Fees
  • ? Same Day Delivery Service
  • ? Dumpsters Available in Various Sizes
  • ? Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • Call us Today at 647-957-9753 for a Free Quote!